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Stephany Ibrams Wedding & Events, based in Los Angeles, specializes in designing luxurious yet relaxed events that cater to design-centric clients. With a penchant for both grand and intimate moments, their work ranges from mid-century to surrealist themes, blending minimalist environments with maximalist details. Inspired by architecture, high fashion, and intimate conversations, they create eclectic and timeless experiences. Embodying a Californian spirit of ease and experimentation, they operate globally, transforming spaces to authentically express bold love and exceed client expectations.


Stephany Ibrams - A Visionary in Luxury Wedding and Event Planning

Stephany Ibrams has become a symbol of luxury and style in the wedding and event planning industry, earning acclaim for her artistic vision and innovative designs. As the driving force behind her namesake brand, she excels in creating awe-inspiring events that embody her passion and turn her clients’ dreams into stunning realities.

Based in Los Angeles, Stephany is at the forefront of luxury wedding and event planning, known for her exceptional attention to detail, creative and innovative approach, and the personalized experience she offers. Her reputation for excellence is well-established, stemming from her ability to blend creativity with practicality and constantly set new trends in the entertainment sector.

Leading a team of dedicated professionals, Stephany Ibrams offers services that range from luxury wedding planning to comprehensive corporate event coordination. Her signature style is a dynamic mix of meticulous planning and creative flair, ensuring each event is not just a gathering but a memorable celebration that exceeds all expectations.

Since launching, Stephany has expanded her brand into interior design and luxury home décor, continuing to bring a touch of opulence and passion to all that she does. 

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